The International Charity Association of Ontario (ICAO) is an non for profit orginisation that is dedicated to support and assist the at risk youth in North Bay and area. We hope to instill positive Canadian values in our youth in order to support youth through their journey to grow and develop and to support their identity and interests by creating conditions to help them take charge of their community and the world of tomorrow. 


ICAO was created by a group of Canadian friends of diverse origins. The goal is to come together and help at risk youth, specifically in North Bay and surronding areas. ICAO's mission is to mentor youth and help them realise their full potential in school as well as socially through the following:

  • Supporting at risk youth through positive canadian values, specifically those of inclusion by engaging youth in workshops and social activities so as to help boost their self-esteem;

  • Aiding in the developement of appropriate tools for growth;

  • Promoting their identity, especially the francophone identity, in this area of minority, and defending their interests;

  • Creating conditions to help reduce the rate of school dropouts in our youth throughout North Bay and surronding areas;

  • Build relationships with organisations in our city to help support at risk youth in the best way possible.

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Warming Center, 480 Fisher St, North Bay, ON, P1B 9M9

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