The International Charity Association of Ontario (ICAO)

About us

ICAO was created by a group of Canadian friends of diverse origins. The goal is to come together and help at risk youth, specifically in North Bay and surronding areas. ICAO's mission is to mentor youth and help them realise their full potential in school as well as socially. 

Our Mission

ICBO offers at risk youth a safe and secure, judgement-free environment. We support the city of North Bay in our intention to create a healthier and safer city, where residents are happy to be.


Our Values

ICAO wants to create an environment where at risk youth can come and confide in us. We strive to make this environment feel safe for our youth, where they feel they can count on our confidentiality. We hope to help guide the youth to appropriate services within our community. 

We want to listen to the personal needs of each youth and create a trusting environment for them.


The graduation of or president, Danielle Lapierre

All against the COVID-19


Proudly created with




Warming Center, 480 Fisher St, North Bay, ON, P1B 9M9

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